What to do when... you want to gloat (without being sickening)

We've all been there, right?

You've had a huge win that you're proud of and you'd love to tell the world (Or at least your boss. And their boss. 
And maybe a couple of others...).

But you don't want to look like you're showing off. On the other hand, you don't want what you've achieved or contributed to be missed. Because if you don't let people know about your successes how are they going to know?

The old "I'll-just-keep-working-hard-and-someone-will-notice-how-great-I-am" strategy just don't seem to work out that well!

Here's a few ideas to give your accomplishments a bit of help to be known:

Quantify what you've achieved

Numbers are easily understood in business and are tangible and independent verification of your achievements.

Always have a 'one-liner' ready

You probably get asked "How are you?", "How you doing?" or "Wassup?" multiple times a day. Have a short response ready that tells a positive story about what you are doing or have achieved. And include your numbers!! "I'm great, the team's great and did you hear that the new campaign I've been working on has increased sales by 20%?" is a pretty effective response!

Know what you have contributed

Ask yourself - What have you been working on? What did you contribute? What was achieved? What was the benefit for the business? Turn these answers into a couple of brief sentences and say them out loud.

Sounds impressive and not that hard to do!

Do this at the end of each project or at the end of a month or a quarter.

Share the glory

Acknowledge the contributions that others have made to your achievements. People appreciate being recognized. And they remember it!

Start using your one-liners in casual conversations, know your numbers and you'll soon feel more comfortable about being seen.

When you do good work and achieve good results it's okay to gloat. And it is possible to do it without being sickening!

How do you get your achievements known?

Let's chat...
- Karen
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