5 Fast Tips for working in teams


Extremely productive or  time wasters?

Whichever school of teamwork you come from...it can't be avoided in today's business environment.

The ability to work effectively in teams is an essential career skill that forms an important part of your Operating Style.

Your ability to be seen as a team player will form part of how others will judge your performance at work.

The complexity and expertise required in business means that there is little chance that any one person can 'do-it-all' and at sometime, somewhere you will need to rely on the expertise of others.

Here's my 5 Fast Tips for working in teams:

1. Focus on your contribution to the team. There are usually many tasks to be completed by a team. The chances of success are higher if each person concentrates on what they need to achieve. Contributing to the team as a whole but completing your responsibilities.

Don't get caught up about someone who isn't pulling their weight. The only person's behavior that you can truly impact is yours. So make an impact!

2.  Appreciate the role of others and that they may have different approaches, ideas and ways of getting work done.

3. Recognize the status, position and past contributions of your team members (and yourself!). Be aware of hierarchies.

4. Build and leverage relationships. Teamwork is the opportunity to work closely with people and build mutual respect based on the interaction in the team.  The relationships that you take the time to develop may well become long-term career assets that you can draw on for knowledge or assistance in the future.

5. Take and share credit for the achievements of the team. If you have made a strong contribution that is recognized say -  thank you. Not, "It was nothing..." or "It wasn't me..." If you've done good - take the credit. And also acknowledge the contribution of others. Be generous in your praise.

Leverage your ability to build relationships and work in teams - it'll help you do good for the business AND your career.

What are your tips?

Let's chat...
- Karen

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