5 Fast Tips...to 'be seen' and raise your career visibility

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For your career to develop, it's essential that you are visible.

People need to know you are there to promote or reward you. Or even to say thank you!

Often we think that our work should 'stand on its own two feet' and that we shouldn't need to 'play the game' of self-promotion.

However, work doesn't work that way.

Even the best intentioned managers are busy and can 'miss' the contribution that you are making.

Help them out by being 'visible' and letting them know about who you are and what you do. Visibility keeps you 'top-of-mind' with time poor managers who must make decisions (like who to promote) in a hurry and often under pressure.

Being visible also helps make you known to people in your company or industry - this allows them to consider you in their plans. If they know about you, what you do, and what you are capable of, there's more chance that you will be on their radar when it comes to making business decisions.

So, how do you step out from behind your excellent work to build your profile and be seen? Here's 5 Fast Tips to 'be seen' and raise your profile:

1. Let people know what you have achieved by always having a positive one-liner ready that quickly explains what you are working on and what you are contributing. Check out this blog on What to do when... you want to gloat (without being sickening) for some ideas on how to develop this.

2. Speak up at Meetings - if you've been invited to a meeting you are there for a reason. Developing a reputation for making positive contributions helps you get noticed.

3. Spread your wings and step out of your day-to-day role. Get involved in a one-off business project, an inter-departmental initiative or even with a sporting or charity activity that your organisation supports. You'll make new contacts and it will allow more people to get to know you and your work.

4. Be on the lookout for opportunities to present. This might include volunteering to chair a meeting, present to staff or customers or to represent your company at an industry or trade event. A knowledgeable, articulate presentation that is relevant to your audience can do wonders for your profile.

5. Contribute to company or industry publications. Many companies have intranets and internal blogs. Contribute a story about something you and the team you work with have achieved, write about a topic within your expertise or even add insightful comments to blog posts.

This tips will help you stay 'top-of-mind'.

When you achieve and contribute...don't hide...shine!

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- Karen