Career Chick Chatter Newsletter...what's it all about

I thought you might like to see a sample of the Career Chick Chatter Newsletter that will be going out to subscribers every other week (or thereabouts - I don't want to clog up your no doubt already overflowing email inbox).

I'll be refining it over time - based on your feedback and if there are events and programs to announce etc.

This version included the articles "What to do when..things don't go your way at work" (not that this ever happens, maybe it's just me..oh, and most people I speak to...) and "5 Fast Tips for making introductions at work" this is a skill that can help make a meeting take off in the right direction.

And yes, that is a woman in a fridge (not an actual woman I might need to read the article to find out more!) but the point of the article is that you don't need to go hide if things do go wrong at work!

Would love to hear your feedback, here or on Twitter or Facebook... am thinking of adding a from the desk of Karen section (but with a cleverer name?) so I can ramble on a bit and tell you about what I've been up to!????

Oh, and don't forget you can subscribe! Regular career tips in your inbox can be a great reminder that your career does need to be all about! ☺

Let's Chat...
- Karen

P.S. Let me make it easy for here to subscribe for your free, practical, yet entertaining newsletter here!

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