How do you present to senior folks?

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The theme on Career Chick Chat this week has been presentations.

A quote by Mark Twain, What to do when you're nervous before a presentation, a Career Chick Hot Tip about knowing your content and yesterday 5 Fast Tips of the must-do's for rehearsing a presentation.

But what about how to write an amazing presentation? Not a good one. A great one. One that will exceed all expectations and achieve all of your objectives?

Today I'm thrilled to share with you a presentation by presentation's guru (and my good mate) Fabian Venter.

Titled, "Presenting to Top Dogs" it provides an appraisal of what "Top Dogs" aka 'senior people' need from a presentation - and then what to present to them and how to do it. The subtitle is 'A Few Tips, Facts and Examples' - which is exactly what it is provided.

The content is rich and relevant.

Whether or not you personally need to present to the big chiefs - have a look at how graphics and stories have been used in this presentation...

Presenting to Top Dogs
If you like Fabian's style, check out his innovative CV - which was made Slideshare presentation of the day when it was first posted.

Hope these have given you a few ideas?

Let's chat...
- Karen

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  1. This is good stuff.

    Lot to digest here. Will have to come back to it later.