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"What's In It For Me?"

What's In It For Me?

This is the question that good sales people and marketers think through - from the perspective of the people that they are selling or marketing to - as they formulate their key messages.

I say it's good from the perspective that it means they are thinking about what their customers want.

They do this because when people are presented information, even whilst they are still listening (hopefully, they are still listening), they are processing the information and thinking through the implications and what it means for them.

I remember standing in front of a large team that I was managing and announcing that I would be leaving for a new role... as I spoke I could see the thinking happening in front of my eyes...10 seconds of "Good on you" and "Congratulations, Karen" quickly followed by, "What does this mean for us?" "Who is the new manager going to be?" etc. etc. Fortunately, I was equipped with answers to many of their questions and was able to let them know exactly what it meant to them.

You can't blame others for their thought processes - we all do it too! An "I'm going to be late home tonight" call inevitably leads to a quick recalculation of dinner or other plans. "I'm going for a run" means I get control of the remote control for an hour (Happy Days!)

So what does this have to do with self-promotion? Letting your accomplishments be known?

It means it's much more powerful, much more effective if you can present your accomplishments in terms of what it means for them.

Does your new sale help your manager achieve their target?

Will the time saving that you made add to the efficiency of the department?

Can you help reduce the workload for someone else through your achievements?

If you can think in terms of what your achievement or contribution means to others - the WIIFM question will be very easy for them to answer - and will ultimately help you be appreciated.

What do you think? Let's chat...

- Karen

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  1. Karen, This is fabulous. 100% agree with to make the communication assertive. Now the question what is the ideal start for this type of communication? Tell the audience favourite terms first or yours first?


    Ashish Mathur