What International Women's Day Means To Me...

By Karen Adamedes

International Women's Day. A great time as a Career Chick to reflect and I'd like to share my thoughts about what it means to me...


Because of those women who have come before me (and the men who supported them) and fought the good fight - I can vote, receive equal pay for equal work (as long as I negotiate well enough - but that is another story), have property rights and many other entitlements which are the norm in 2013 in many developed nations. Unfortunately the progress towards these in many parts of the world continues.

One of my beautiful goddaughters was born on International Women's Day in 2000. The turn of the new century where she has unlimited possibilities and opportunities in front of her. I think that is very cool. Many of the possibilities that will be available to her in the 21st century are because of the work that has been done to level the playing field for women in the past.


Women now have choices about the lives they live. Sometimes it doesn't feel that way but you don't have to look very far back in history to see how much our choices have expanded.

In World War 2 (before my time, might I add!) it was a job in the factories or in the service to support the war effort, in the 1950's (still before my time!) it was back to the housework so that the men could have the jobs.

Women's Lib., Feminism, Education, Fairness - whatever you want to call it - the evolvement of our society means I, we, have many choices available.


The changes in society towards the rights, education and opportunities for women have come about due to significant efforts of many - both women and men. Some of those that made the efforts did not necessarily personally reap all the rewards for their efforts. But we have.

A quick look back at the history of International Women's Day and the major achievements that have been made along the way proves to me that effort is rewarded.

The issues now and in the future for women are different than the past, but a look back at history tells me that if we work together this effort also will be successful.


That I am doing my little bit with practical career skills education. It might not be world changing but it can be transformational for an individual.


That I have and have had many role models, mentors, colleagues, friends and family who guide and support me.


That not all women have achieved basic rights and freedoms.

And that not all of those who still have to fight for these and other opportunities are women. Indeed there are many people, who for many reasons need our support for change.


Of the achievements that have been made by women over the last 101 years (since the first IWD) - our achievements are good for all of society.

And speaking of celebration, due to the aforementioned goddaughter's birthday today I am choosing to celebrate with a birthday weekend with the girl-with-many-possibilities-before-her (otherwise known as the-girl-who-looks-too-cool-for-thirteen). I need to fly (literally!)

Would love to know what International Women's Day means to you...

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