People's Choice Award Nomination - Best Australian Blogs 2012

Career Chick Chat has been nominated for the Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition run by the Sydney Writers Center (Yipee!)

The People's Choice Award category is now open and if you have enjoyed any of the posts (or more importantly found any of the career tips useful!) I'd really appreciate it if you would vote for Career Chick Chat.

And the best news is that even though this is an Australian award - anyone, from any country can vote (better than American Idol where they hide the voting information from us here in Australia!)

Just click on the Best Australian Blogs 2012 logo below and vote for Career Chick Chat (please). Fortunately the 1,024 (yep, there's a bit of competition) have been listed in alphabetical you don't have to scroll down too far!

People's Choice Award

If you get really excited about voting you can also tweet your support using #bestblogs2012 !

Voting closes 5 pm May 9 Sydney time, which is 2am Central Time in the US and 8 am in London. A bit confusing? Vote Now!

Really appreciate your support!

Many thanks
- Karen

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  1. I voted for you, why because I enjoyed your career related articles...