Why Depth is More Important than the Breadth of your Business Network

Some people measure their networking success by the number
of business cards they collect at functions
Be prepared to develop relationships
with depth in your network

But when push comes to shove and you need advice or help in the future, can you rely on people you met once to help you out? 

To be there for you? To take time from their busy schedule because you need help, advice or information?

To be honest if the only connection you have is a quick handshake, a business card swap and maybe a LinkedIn invitation there really isn't a lot to fall back on.

Alternatively, if you build solid, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet, they are much more likely to support you when you need it. 

Building a network with deep long-term relationships rather than breadth of the number of people you know pays off.

Your network should include people you trust and respect. It’s even better if they’re people you like! And, ideally, they’ll be people who trust, respect and like you, too. 

Deep networks are made from strong, long-term relationships.

Putting time and energy into building and maintaining a network can have a variety of benefits for your Career Development and help you be more successful in your current job, which is ultimately beneficial for your career!

 A strong network can help you:

·         learn new information or skills

·         discover ideas - and enjoy some stimulating discussions

·         find out how to do things better in your organization

·         know who to go to in an organization, and

·         identify future job opportunities and promotions.

For example, the recruitment industry tells us that a significant number of job vacancies are never advertised and that there is a hidden employment market that people access through their networks. So if you don’t have a network to provide you with information, referrals or to let other people know who you are, it limits your career options. 

Deep relationships, built on trust and respect, are necessary to access information, ideas and to learn new skills.
Career Chick Hot Tip: Focus on depth rather than breadth in your networking relationships.

Have you had deep business relationships develop with people you've met as a result of 'Networking Opportunities' ? Would love to hear your stories.

Please share! Let's chat...
- Karen

P.S. This post is an update of an excerpt from the chapter, Network, from my book, "Hot Tips For Career Chicks"

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