The Silver Lining Of Business Travel

For me the silver lining of business travel is the shops at the airport. The enforced time waiting for a flight can be pleasurably spent picking up a gift, browsing the bookstore or hunting down the best airport coffee (it is possible with a little work !)

Imagine my disdain this morning when I arrived at Sydney airport this morning with plenty of time to spare only to find my favorite coffee place closed and a good portion of the shops hidden behind builders sheeting with signs saying "Thank you for your patience"

Not happy and not feeling very patient! My silver lining had been pulled out from under me!!

But all was not lost. A quick hunt for an alternate caffine supplier and upon further review I found the big sign saying "Victoria's Secret Opening Here soon".

Happy Days.

Patience restored!

Now If the airline would just extend the amount of time that you need to be at the airport before a flight ....

Have you found a silver lining today? Take a closer look and let's chat!!


PS this is my first "mobile" real time blog - let me know what you think!

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