You've got to know when to walk away...from cards or a bad job / boss / whatever

This little tune might not be quite to your taste but I find that I am actually boping along, typing in tune with Kenny Rogers as he sings about The Gambler.

These  famous lyrics about knowing when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, when to walk away, and when to run have been sung many a time by people about their careers.

Quite often in the relief of the decision that sometimes you do need to call it quits and it's time to walk away (or run!)

If you're in a bad situation at work there are many things you can try. Work on your communication with your boss. Transfer to another department. Talk to someone for some help. Consult with your mentor. Learn new skills. Network for ideas.

But sometimes you need to walk away.

The skill is knowing when to move on.

The art is knowing when to do it.

The magic is in developing alternatives and options before you need them.

And having a little tune to sing when you're walking away with a spring in your step.

Anyone got any other good walk away songs?

Let's chat...
- Karen

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