Business Travel Rituals

I like doing new things and trying new places. I do. But deep down I'm a creature of habit. I'll try something new but I really like to know it's going to be as good as the way I usually do it.

The folly of this is on my mind as I am sitting in a combined book shop cafe at Sydney airport (I am on my way to Melbourne to see a client). I've never been here before - and it's fabulous. Surrounded by books, good coffee and some light jazz as background music. I might forget to catch my flight!

My ritual is that I like to have a coffee before I fly. I can't stand that stomach twisting feeling of traveling to the airport - not knowing if I am going to make it in time.

So with plenty of time to spare -I love a coffee. And a little looky in the stores that seem to be getting better and better these days. It's a little time out in the day - that is always busy when I arrive at my destination.

The Career Chick Hot Tip for today - Take a few minutes for you when you travel for business!

Do you have any business travel rituals?

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PS. I'm looking over at the paperback book stand and there's a book on display - "How to publish an eBook". Funny. Better fly!

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