What do CEO's Tweet about?

Well as it turns out with some research - they tweet about all kinds of things.

And they seem to do it with thoughtful consideration of their position and the brand that they and their company represent.

Onlinemba.com have just published The Ultimate CEO Twitter List which has the twitter names of over 100 CEO's from industries including technology, not-for-profit, business advising, media and the arts.

When I saw the list included a mix of people from both social media savvy organizations as well as some real traditional corporate types - I thought it would be really interesting to check it out and see exactly what they are tweeting about.

Here's a small sample:

Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin group was tweeting about being at Wimbeldon and wearing a tie (what he's doing and staying on brand that he still sees himself as a rebel but has to conform).

Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, had spilt coffee on his shirt on his way to a meeting (I'm an ordinary guy even though I'm going to meetings)

And, Greg Brown, the Chairman and CEO of Motorola Solutions had been tweeting about the weather, the future and a career milestone (I'm a leader and I'm here on Twitter)

And not a photo of any of them doing shots to be seen! These posts might not get mega numbers of retweets but they do illustrate you can:

1. Be on Twitter even if you are in the most senior of positions or representing a conservative organisation

2. Present your brand and yourself on Twitter

3. Use hashtags, post pics and write about the every day - all the fun stuff of being on Twitter 

by thinking about what you post and making sure it is in line with your Operating Style

I went through the list and saved about 45 of the people I was interested into a list creatively called, CEOs - so if you want to take a short-cut and check out some of these folk - come visit me on Twitter @karenadamedes and check out the list.

If you've got some tips for how to stay on your brand when you're on Twitter - please share!

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- Karen

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