5 Fast Tips for when you don't get the recognition you deserve (at work, anyway...)

Get the recognition you deserve
Recognition can be a formal award or reward or it can be as simple as a thank you.

We often don't do what we are doing because we want the recognition. We do it because it's our job, we want to, we get paid for it or a whole host of other reasons.

But sometimes when it's missing - it can be gut-wrenching.

Ever been looked over for a promotion? A salary increase or bonus? Or feel you deserved a "thanks, good job" that you didn't get?

It can make you feel like your contributions aren't valued? That you are taken for granted? Or that you must have accidentally slipped on Harry Potter's invisibility coat?

Repeated occurrences can be a symptom of a bigger issue like a bad manager or a toxic work environment. Or something very minor like bad timing or people having too much on their plate to notice.

It might be that your achievements and contributions weren't visible enough and you need to work on being seen to raise your visibility. Or it might be that there is something else going on that you don't know about.

Whatever the reason a disappointment can be used to assess where you are and what you should do next.

Here are 5 Fast Tips to consider:

1. Evaluate how important the issue is...if it's a one time miss or a repeated behavior this can have a significant bearing on whether you just want to 'let it go' or follow up and find out why and what you can do about it.

2. Consult with your mentor...or a trusted adviser and get their opinion on the situation. This can be a really good guide to whether your reaction is valid and if there is an issue that should be explored further.

3. Ask questions...to really dig into the issue. Talk with your manager and ask whether you were considered for the opportunity or for a little bit of background information on the issue. Sometimes there is a whole lot more going on behind the scenes that we don't know about - and if you ask you have a lot higher chance of finding out than if you don't!

This can be an opportunity to uncover if you're considered 'not ready' for whatever the opportunity was and opens the door for a training or coaching conversation. Or even just a chance to share your goals and aspirations;

"If you don't tell people what you want it significantly reduces your chance of them helping you get it!"

Or you might be on the way to deciding you're in the wrong job or working for the wrong manager (for you!)

Whatever the outcome ...whatever you find out...it means that you have an opportunity to do something about it...

4. Use the opportunity...and put a plan into action. It could range from a proactive campaign to increase your visibility, an opportunity to work on your objectives with your manager or the start of the realization that you need to make some changes (Career Plan B, anyone?). Whatever the opportunity you will be further ahead than before you followed up.

5. File away the disappointment...after you have asked for feedback, evaluated what you have learnt and (if necessary) put a plan into place...let it go and move on. Holding onto disappointment or resentment will only make you feel bad (for longer, anyway!)

Learn don't yearn! Any thoughts?

- Karen

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  1. “Ask questions” is really important to solve problems and make new strategies.