5 reasons you SHOULD apply for a job or promotion

There are good reasons to decide to apply
It's not that you're not ambitious. Or that you don't want a job.

But for many of us the decision to apply for a new role or promotion can leave us plagued with doubts. 

"I don't have every single thing they have asked for in the advertisement" to "I'm not the front runner - there will be too many other people applying" to (even worse) "if they wanted me to apply they would have asked..." 

Sound familiar? (Not from you, of course...other people...) 

Not applying for a job or roles that you are capable of performing holds you back in your career. And it's not just because you miss out on the role - you're also missing out on the chance to tell and sell who you are and the value you would bring to a role.

Here's 5 reasons why I think it's important to put up your hand and apply for the job you want:

1. You might actually get the job!

Changing jobs often provides a major leap forward for your career. It's the optimum time to increase the breadth of your accountabilities and to negotiate a higher salary.

Even if you are not the most obvious candidate (in your mind anyway) you may be the best fit and get the job. If you don't apply - you will never know!

2. The process to be recruited or promoted is an opportunity to quantify, reflect on and assess your career progress.

It takes preparation, time and effort to put a credible application together. The process of updating your resume, writing a cover letter and preparing for an interview is an ideal opportunity to think about what you have delivered, where you are in your career and where you want to go next. 

You'll need to be prepared for the "Why do you want this role?" question that is sure to be asked at an interview. Preparing that answer will help provide clarity about where you are headed and how the role fits into your overall plan. 

3. The opportunity for exposure 

Not the hypothermia / need to go to hospital type exposure - I mean it's an opportunity to have dedicated time with more senior people in your company (or a different organization) talking about you! 

Whether at a job interview or even through the process of having your resume evaluated - a job application is the ideal opportunity to tell who you are and outline (in quantifiable terms) exactly what you can do, have done and the value of what you have previously delivered. 

You'll be highly visible to people who are in the position to make decisions about your career, either now or in the future.

4. Signal that you are ready to move on or up

You might not get the job you apply for (sad, but sometimes true) but managers often remember the people they have interviewed previously and consider them for future roles. I have seen many instances where someone has applied for a role and their manager has said. "I didn't know they wanted to move / ready for a change" etc. Many times this has actually resulted in the person being offered additional training, a mentor or other development opportunities. If your manager is any good at all - it should at least lead to a discussion about your future plans and aspirations.

5. Increases your credibility

An application for a role that is aligned with your career plan allows you to be a credible applicant. It can reinforce that you have a aspirations and a plan and these can be persuasive indicators that you are a professional. 

If you think you have the credibility to apply for a role...there's lots of reasons why you should...it's up to you to decide to apply!


- Karen 

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