What to do when...you start writing a career guide

You write a blog about it?

Sound like good creative avoidance to not get started?

Well, kind of...but not really. 

(That's my story and I am sticking to it!)

Where I want to start is by asking you, the potential readers, to get involved and tell me what kind of everyday career dilemmas you experience?

So I can include them in the book (and on the blog too!).

Because there is a very real chance that if there are situations at work that you are not quite sure what your options are - or even just need a choice of alternatives to consider - there are others in exactly the same kind of predicaments!

The idea is for the book to be a reference guide with a range of different situations that you might encounter at work, or more generally in your career - and provide a range of options and ideas for you to consider. Think of it like a career version of Wikipedia!

The plan for the book so far ranges from what to do when you need to raise your career visibility, to when you work with someone you don't get on with, to when you get an email that makes you angry. And a whole lot of other topics in between.

I'd love it if you could help and let me know the situations at work where you would like some ideas and options to consider...or where this would have been of value in the past.

Please leave your ideas below, on facebook or twitter. Or email me directly (and confidentially) at karen@careerchickchat.com

I look forward to chatting with you!


PS Watch out for future updates and I'll let you know how I am going with the writing!

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