Networking: It's not meant to be like speed dating

Well this is my first experiment with a video blog!

My hair had just been 'done', face made up and back in the office from a client meeting - so I thought I would give it a go (I must confess it took more than one take to get the video masterpiece you see before you <sarcasm alert>)!

In the video I talk about networking and the 5 reasons why I think it's an important investment of your time. And not at all like speed dating where the objective is to collect as many business cards as you can and then move on to someone better.

So, here goes...

The reasons I think networking is a worthwhile use of your time and not a discretionary activity is because you can:
  • Learn new information or knowledge from others
  • Get ideas and be energized by what other people are doing
  • Meet new people with whom you can build mutually beneficial business relationships 
  • Educate yourself on 'who's who in the zoo' in your company or industry, who knows who and how they fit together
  • Let other people get to know you and about you; your knowledge, skills, experience and what you have to offer.
All good reasons to step away from your desk and go spend some time with people.
Let me know what you think!

- Karen

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