A crucial career skill is to keep across what's going on...

Times of change can bring opportunity.

Or have a significant impact on you.

Whether you want to take advantage of an opportunity or be prepared to enact your Career Plan B if things do not look favorable - it helps if you have some idea about what might be happening. So that you can have an impact on your future, not have it just happen to you.

Make sure your 'radar' is on so that you are aware and can see the signs of change.

Look for clues such as:
      • Organizational change
      • Restructures
      • Management changes
      • Major new customer contracts
      • Industry developments
      • Activity by your competitors
      • Bad tempers or behaviors by management (or a spring in their step)
If you actively keep across what is going on you'll learn to recognize times of change.

A good reason to ramp up your networking, make some calls and meet a few people for coffee (as if you need an excuse!)

I think this is an essential skill to be in control of your career!

- Karen

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