It's nice to be thanked for a job well done

by Karen Adamedes

It's very rewarding when you know you've put your all into a project, or even your day-to-day work and someone not only notices, they take the time and effort to say thank you.

It doesn't always happen and every task does not necessarily deserve an accolade. When it happens though, it's very much appreciated.

You might not be able to control how and when you are thanked. But it's within your power to be the 'thanker'. To notice when someone has put in an exceptional effort, achieved extraordinary results or has just been helpful.

It could be flowers or a sweet treat, it could be a hand-written card, an email or even a smile, call, or simple thank you. However you choose to say thanks it will be appreciated. 

This post is dedicated to Rebecca and Dane who did put in an extraordinary effort on a project we worked on - thank you both!

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