Career Chick Chat is here to help you develop, manage and progress your career!

It is a resource designed to provide hints, practical tips and advice that you can use!

It is based on the C.O.D.E. to career success that has been developed by career expert Karen Adamedes and first featured in her book, "Hot Tips For Career Chicks".

It is a formula to help you achieve career success.

The C.O.D.E.

The C.O.D.E. to career success is a bit like a recipe. It gives you a set of guidelines to follow. What you need and how to put them together.

There is more than 1 way to make a souffle, for instance - all the recipes have common ingredients (sugar, flour, butter etc.) - but you need some idea of how to put them together. What to do with them and when!

Trying to figure it out by yourself can be slow, frustrating and not always end up with the best result. What you end up with tastes a whole lot better when you have a set of instructions to follow.

The same applies to the C.O.D.E to career success - it's not the only way to put the variables (i.e. the skills) of a successful career together. But it is a way.

A way that works.

As a well cooked souffle tastes better than all the ingredients thrown together - proactively managing the variables that impact career success will achieve a result that is more than the sum of it's parts.

Managing your career to achieve your ambitions and realize satisfaction from your work (these are not mutually exclusive!) can be a positive experience - made so much easier - when you have a clear set of guidelines (that work!) to follow.

Being good at what you do is not enough to realize your career potential (although it is important!). The career plan of working hard and waiting to be noticed has proven not to be extremely successful for most of us.

You also need the skills to manage and develop your career.

Learn the skills to ensure that your:

-  contributions are understood and valued,

-  professional reputation and credibility are positive and support your current position & future aspirations, and

- that you are on the appropriate path for you.

How to manage your career is not a topic that gets taught at school, university or even at work.

The good news is - the skills you need can be learnt!

They allow you to take control.

You don't need to rely on 'luck' or being in the 'right place at the right time'.

You can determine your own destiny.

The C.O.D.E. =  Communication (Choosing your words, Being Heard, Presenting with Panache, Writing Well, Speaking with Actions, Asking Questions) + Operating Style (Being Seen, Meeting Successfully, Working in Teams, Negotiating, Resolving Conflict, Leading, Getting Back Up, Engaging Stakeholders, Delegating) + Development of your Career (Planning, Networking, Consulting with Mentors, Knowing when to Move on, Getting the Job you want, Earning what you're Worth) x Everything Else (Prioritizing What's Important, Integrating What You Learn +++) = Career Success

It's not as hard as that looks! 

It's about focus, prioritizing and developing the skills will become the habits to your success!



Read the hints, use the tips and think about the advice... and realize your career potential!