Communication Skills are essential
 for career success
Understanding and adapting your communication to the accepted style of business can have a substantial impact on your career potential, how much you enjoy your work and how your contributions are recognized.

Your interactions with others is the foundation of how you build and manage your image, reputation and relationships.

Communication is the mechanism of how work is done in organizations. And for you to be able to do yours (well), you need to be able to say what you mean and have what you mean understood.

Communication is important to your career.

It is the first part of the CODE to career success.

Included below are some of the key elements of Communication and relevant 'Career Chick Chat' blogs that relate to the them.

Choose Your Words: so that what you say is understood

5 Fast Tips... to choose the right words
Text is a language too ... LOL!

Do you speak business?

Learn the language of your organization


Be Heard: to build your credibility and professional reputation

What you say, what others hear...


Present With Panache: and communicate what you know

5 Fast Tips... to prepare for presentations

The Power of the King's Speech


Write Well: to demonstrate your strengths and capability

5 Fast Tips... for email


Speak With Actions: body language tips to enhance your business communications

To pat or not to pat?

The importance of what you say, how you say it, how you present your ideas, what you write and how you write it, as well as the body language you use are all areas where you can develop skills that can help you achieve your career ambitions.