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Thanks for visiting me at Career Chick Chat!

I really hope that you will try the practical tips and ideas you find here.

Like a recipe that you need to know is going to work - these tips have been pre-tested. I've been experimenting my whole career!

My background is in business (sales, marketing, operations, sales management, general management) and I've worked across a range of industries (telecommunications, digital media, not-for-profit, healthcare) for large national-corporations in Australia.

The more I worked with people, the more I discovered that they had many of the same career related questions and dilemmas that I, and my colleagues and teams, had asked over the years.

So I started writing down the issues and tips that I found worked for me and the people I worked with. I thought I would have a pamphlet but, hey presto, I had a book - "Hot Tips for Career Chicks". (Actually the "hey presto" took about 3 years, but that's another story...)

Along the way, in the process of organizing my ideas, I found that I had developed a CODE for career success. I would not be so bold as to say it's the only way to achieve success - but it is A way. It provides a blueprint - a guide to the elements that make or break a career - which are necessary - over and above being good at your job.

These easy-to-use tips have resonated with the book being a finalist in the USA Book Awards Career Category (not bad for an Aussie) and have been featured on the pages of major magazines and newspapers (Cleo, Cosmo etc.) and my articles appear regularly in international publications.

I'm pretty proud of my achievements so far. I started work as a bank clerk, studied university part-time and worked hard to progress through my career. This provided me with the opportunity to manage national teams and multi-million dollar budgets. Not to mention do some cool stuff like choose the band for an awards event attended by 1,500 people (they just happened to be one of my favorites!), work on the first hologram video made by a business in Australia and organize a trade-show that included chocolate fountains, racing cars and leading-edge technology. (A chick can have a career and some fun too!)

My goal is to establish Career Chick Chat as an online go-to resource for career development, management and planning - for you. It's designed to provide solutions to career dilemmas you might go through - as well as to inspire and encourage you to proactively manage your career so you have confidence and control over the direction you are heading.

These tips are not just for Chicks! They are about working with how business works. And I just happen to be a Career Chick!

I look forward to chatting with you - so please connect up with my on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin - wherever you like to hang out online!

I'm currently designing some online training programs - so let me know the topics that interest and would help you!

Let's chat...
- Karen

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